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Who are we


Sodio is a brand and marketing agency specialize in brand development, creative design and marketing promotions.  In today’s 21st Century, everything starts out with concepts, creativity and visionary. Great idea is everything in today’s world. We believe that a strong, relevant and visionary concept is the key to success for a remarkable brand and business. At Sodio, it is our job to refresh and polish these concepts to their full brilliance; make them out shine among their competitors and wow the target customers, creating the most impact and achieve the best result within your budget.


Fuelled by this vision, our team of professional designers and insightful business advisers who have worked across different industries are here to offer a one stop creative branding, marketing strategy, integrated marketing plans, professional design and production services for your business need. We will collaborate with you to transform your ideas and concepts into an effective marketing plans with clear objectives which can add value to your business and bring out the best solution to grow your company.


“People don't know what they want, until you show it to them”  - Jobs

For New Join Business or a New Brand Owner


If you are planning to start a new business or entering into a new market with no or little idea how to present your brand. We are here to help with the most suitable brand and marketing scheme to position your brand and attract your target customers.


For Current Business Owner


If you have been struggled, or planning to have an expansion on your business or re-branding the existing project; we are here to help you repackage your brand image, help your business to stand out from your competitors with creative marketing strategies.

Why you need us?

For Individual Projects and Promotions


If you are wondering how to present your new products or services to the market; we are here to offer you a tailor-made plan with suitable promotion tactics and design jobs through the techniques of implementation and execution, creating the most benefits to your company.


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